Learn About McCall Woodworks Log Furniture

All of our logs are resourced from small diameter lodgepole pine trees harvested from fallen pine trees in the region of Central Idaho near McCall, Idaho.

McCall Woodworks
Cabin Creek Chair

Because we use the whole tree in our furnishings, all logs will have cracks or checks. This is a natural phenomena that is part of the drying process of logs.

As our logs are dried for use in furniture, the wood shrinks in length, width, and radially around the heart of the tree. As tension develops in the wood due to shrinkage, the log splits to relieve tension. These splits or cracks are known as checks in the log.

All logs that contain the heart of the tree will develop lengthwise cracks or checks. The check will not go deeper than the heart, consequently, the structural integrity of the log is compromised very little. The checks are natural and are part of the rustic charm and character of all true log furniture.   

In fact, knots and wood discoloration such as “blue stain” are also common in pine and should be expected in our log products. 

Once again, these features are part of the character of pine furniture.

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